Existing HouseS / ApartmentS

Good house/apartment Feng Shui should support family harmony, health, academic achievement and career prospect, therefore the consultation report includes the analysis of house/apartment Feng Shui quality with correlation to the all residents. The audit report includes recommendation for the client to arrange, enhance and balance the Feng Shui of the property to support the family needs.

Property Purchase

Purchase of the house or apartment is usually one of the most important decisions and longtime investments in our life. Using Feng Shui methods you can ascertain the best choice to maximize the outcome for your family’s goals in the future.

Building of the House

The ideal point for Feng Shui assessment for the property is the before it’s build. The report covers recommendations for locate your building in the position which maximizes positive energies and placement of the most important factors like main door, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, children’s bedrooms, paths directions with recommendation on proper move-in date.


Every year, there are cyclical changes in the Qi energy which influenced Feng Shui of the property. Feng Shui assessments for the New Year provides the expect impact of new Qi energy pattern and necessary directions how to maximize coming opportunities and reduce possible risks. Report covers recommendations and suggestions on the actions to take opportunities or to avoid exposures to certain types of risks and potential challenges.