Feng Shui

The Energy of the Dragon is dispersed by Wind and stop at the boundary of Water.

Feng Shui literally means “Wind and Water”. It is an ancient Chinese knowledge about environment and his influence on human well-being, prosperity and harmony. This knowledge originated at least 6000 years ago and covers such ideas like cosmology, influence of stars, directions, time changes, which by nature are invisible forces, but having strong influence on human life.

Over thousands of years the time-tested Feng Shui techniques proved, how they can improve luck and increase prosperity, health and happiness. Feng Shui is an essential tool which allows to understand our luck, navigate our destiny and is the great tool which we can use to choose place for living or working in order to enjoy the influence of the good Qi energy.

Qi is the energy, which if not used properly, will work against us. Therefore, the main purpose of Feng Shui is to architecture the Qi forces to gain the best influence on people well-being, health, prosperity, career, decision-making, relations, business strategy and key, life projects.

The beauty of Chinese Metaphysics is to growth and enrichment of modern world using ancient wisdom and science.