BaZi Consultations


BaZi is a unique system of Chinese Astrology which is based on the birth date. BaZi can be compared to our life map, containing our inborn features, strengths and weaknesses, life cycles, our fate and destiny.

Can you change your destiny? The answer is YES !

BaZi is the system which decodes map of life journey, system which allows to navigate the nature, accelerate growth, career and helps to create more meaningful relations. BaZi allows to understand our life and understand factors which affects health, well-being and prosperity. BaZi is a great tool to navigate our future, which helps you to find out life purpose and create passion that will drive our life.

BaZi is the system which allows you to design your own life and find fulfilment in whatever you do.

When you need BaZi consultation

  • Your career stuck and you need guidance in your career path.
  • You are looking for fresh direction on achieving and realizing your goals and dreams.
  • You would like to be aware about current health state to take preventive actions.
  • You want to understand why your life does not follow your plans and you need help to change them according to your dreams.
  • You would like to support your child in education and life path decisions.

When you need BaZi consultation in combination with other Feng Shui methods

  • You would like to improve your financial position.
  • You expect promotion.
  • You are suffering with lack of energy.
  • You have got health problems.
  • Your feel your life is chaotic and you need to be grounded again.
  • You have got spouse or partner relationship problems.
  • You want to have a baby.