J.P. Morgan said, that “Astrology is not used by milliners, it is used by billioners”.

Corporate Feng Shui should be tailored to meet business needs and support company goals and mission. Today Feng Shui is a perfect, valued and recognized tool used by business owners and top management.

Feng Shui supports professional strategies, boosting business, inspiring work effectiveness, collaboration and enhancing business position through design of the workplaces.

Water methods are successfully applied to enhance company financial position.

Feng Shui in business is used for

  • Allocation of different key functions and members within office area.
  • Design the interior floor plan and structure of the space which enhance creativity, productivity and improve communication and collaboration.
  • Assessment of the key personals during recruitment process.
  • Date selection for important events, launching of new business or new projects.
  • Analysis of property or commercial objects for rental or buying decisions.
  • Scanning and explaining the troubles areas that demand immediate attention like employee turnover, lack of business opportunities.
  • Business partners personal profile assessment.
  • Design company logo.

Feng Shui business consultations are dedicated for

  • Offices
  • Shops and Malls
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Industry
  • Other types of businesses